Microsoft Flow Tutorial – Group Forms and Approvals


Whats up Flow Friends!

Today myself and Ed Gonzales bring you another Microsoft Flow Tutorial! This time we use a Group Form and Approvals. Its a one two punch of Microsoft Flow Goodness and its something that so many of you have asked for!

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– Jon

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  • Thanks – not only a great video on flow but I also love the idea of gathering tips from the business rather than all training coming from a small team. Look forward to your future vids!

  • These are really good. Great video for introducing the concept of variables and the ID issue with group forms. Nice one.

  • Hi Jon, I have tried this yesterday and when I use Outcome it fails, "no subsequent action after the condition" and when I use Responses (I was able to use Response before) it is always False. Can you help please?

  • Great video! Just want to know if there is a way to attach a file to the Form.

  • Many thanks Ed and John. It is important to show Flow at its basics as much as the advanced coding methods.

  • In a SharePoint list, I created 5 columns. I created a Flow to use #1 Form to create the list/record with 3 columns filled in and hoping to use #2 Form to update the rest of the 2 columns . I was able to use #1 Form to create a SharePoint list/record, but can't update it with #2 Form. Can you please help me?

  • Can I use Flow to automate the task to send an email to someone, when the "yes" option was choosed in a question of MS Forms?

  • HI guys, I love your videos, I love what you are doing with flow. However, I really want to point out that it is a misnomer to continually say this is "no-code". When you are doing things like initializing variables and then looping to concatenate variables in order for you to get value you need, this essentially IS code, but just wrapped up in a pretty graphical block view. My hope for flow was to teach my non-technical administrative staff how to set up flows for basic things; however, in example after example very soon into doing something pretty basic we hit a point where we need to do something like the variable assignment example above. So suddenly we are beyond what we could teach any sort of non-tech admin staff, it is just coding but with a different presentation.

  • Can you again explain why you do not use the initial situation in the 'Reject' option ? If you have multiple users in the Approval send to and the first one rejects it will only send to that single person isn't it?

  • This was very helpful. Side note : Ed really has a great voice for this! He sounds like a voiceover actor or radio host.

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