Microsoft Flow Tutorial – O-Data Introduction


Whats up friends?!

In this video i team up with MVP Ahmad Najjar ( to show you how to use Odata in Microsoft Flow!

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for more info on O-Data check out this post from Pieter Veenstra – Flow MVP

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As always, Much love from me!

– Jon

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  • Jon & Ahmad great video…thank you guys!!!!!

    Hey Jon thanks for breaking down some of the terminology like what is API, and how stuff works. It's good for newcomers to understand.

  • Thank you so much for covering this topic. It was in my backlog for videos I had planned for June but you totally rocked it so I don’t need to anymore! Thanks so much to both of you for this thorough content! 👍🏽

  • Great stuff, guys! Perfect timing… hired a junior systems architect and was teaching him about ODATA Filtering with Flow earlier this week, so this was a godsend!

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