Microsoft Flow Tutorial – State Machine


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Join me and #DoctorFlow as we discuss the Flow State Machine pattern to get around the limitation of 30 day flow run length!

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  • Hi Jon. Thank you for the video. I am in much need of this solution so was wondering when your followup video was being released showing a demo on how to create this method? I am very much a noob with Flow so am looking forward to seeing this and then implementing it within our business.

  • Love the concept of this video. I would love to see Serge do a follow-up using a SQL database for the controller portion of the pattern. I think this could be used to avoid the new premium license requirement for HTTP calls by recording the state of the workflow in a database record and setting your various flows to kick off based that record being modified. It would make the flow more complex because you would have to pull all the different flows into one flow to avoid excessive flow runs. But I think it would be possible.

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