Microsoft Power Automate Tutorial – Conditional Triggers


Hey Flow Fans!
Join the Flow Ninja and I as we go over one of the most awesome features recently added to the product, Conditional Triggers!!

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  • Peek code hack is fantastic way of getting the expression of the item. I always does that in most of my flows and never gone wrong.

  • Thanks for the video. I was looking for something like this. Till now I managed it using conditions within Flow. Will try this out today.

    One question from me. I have observed that when the trigger condition is « when a file is created or updated in SharePoint », the flow takes lot of time to initiate. Around 2-3 minutes. But when the trigger is when a file is created in SharePoint, it runs as soon as the file is created. Anyways to speed up for the updated trigger ?

  • Got to love John Liu, his enthusiasm is so infectious, and I never fail to learn something amazing every time I listen to him

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