Microsoft Power Automate Tutorial – Flow + Forms + Teams = Awesome


Whats up friends!?

In this video which was originally made for a Teams EDU Event I show you how to combine the power of Flow and Teams along with Microsoft Forms and Adaptive cards – to bring together some fun and useful tech!

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  • Thanks for this video Jon, is there any way we can setup a flow which saves the completed forms into a pdf format somewhere in your pc or even mail to someone else?

  • Jon FLow 🙂 keep soaring! happy to be show casing your MS FLOW at UN and automating process…. happy lady..

  • great little demo! but everyone loves creating the list faster and easier (without human typing problems) by viewing your responses from your FORM in Excel, formatting as a table, and exporting to a SharePoint list. Y voila! Un list magnifique!

  • So exited about this. I have two questions:
    In our company we have different domains in Sharepoint for different regions. If I create a list in for example our headoffice domain, but people from other domains need to see the list. Can I give them access “across” domains? And how. Currently the ceo and all regional managers use a shared log in so they can access across domains all info. So there is a for all managers to see hq files. Then there is for ex a for everyone to see the cape town info. I dont think that is best way of doubg it. I am new to Sharepoint.
    Second question is how can I put the questioneer (in our case a pitential client asking for product info) in a website or in a public space?

  • Thanks Jon! Sometimes I appear to get the adaptive card json not rendering. Not sure why. The adaptive cards look awesome!

  • Tips: instead of creating all the columns manually, use the excel spreadsheet from Forms to create the list. Use the Import Spreadsheet App.

  • Thanks for a great video, just the information I needed right now!

    One question, can I only use my own Forms, can't find other's/shared or group Forms in Flow "When a new response is submitted"?

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