Microsoft Power Automate Tutorial – Microsoft Word Connector Pt. 2


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This week, me and MVP Daniel Laskewitz ( look A SECOND LOOK at the new Microsoft Word Connector and some of its functionalities. Follow along and see how you can use this technology for yourself and your organization!

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  • You better show community how to achieve it not using premium connectors. Everybody wants that approach. It is such a shame that word in this case is premium.

  • Is it possible to create a flow, that upon receiving an email to Office 365 with an attachment, copy the data from the attachment and paste it into an Excel table in the cloud?

  • Great Work~
    I tested out today~
    It worked.
    However, I have some question,
    lets say I create the pdf file over google drive instead of onedrive,
    and I would like to create a pdf url in google drive (where when I click on this pdf url, the pdf opens up).
    May I know how to do it?
    How to create pdf url in google drive.

    Thank You

  • Hi Guys, Thanks for this really great video. Much needed.
    I was wondering if someone can take form this point and ADD how to do the same but form a powerapps inserting pictures or signature using the pen input control. By doing this could be a good example for instance doing an inspection, taking pictures, signing and submitting the infor and get a PDF back with the report. Everything on it. Thank you guys. Awesome !

  • Hey, I have a question. What if I created the image in the same flow (like when I get it from PowerApps and transform into a .jpg archive), do I have to obtain its content like in the video? Because the file was already there… Or can I even jump the step of the creation of the image?

  • Job this is great! We appreciate you helping our MS community! If it is possible would you please do tutorial for nested repeating sections?
    For example is it possible to create.
    1. Heading 1
    a. Subheading1
    b. Subheading2
    i. Another item
    ii. More item

    So heading 1 is array of object, subheading are another array of object inside heading1?

  • can we read a word document with repeating rows (and create planner task for example) ?

  • Grate example and demo! If you in the example sharepoint list would have attached jpg images, would it be possible to fetch these and insert in to the word template? I learned that exporting images from sharepoint lists sometimes is hard as the list just contains a link to the image, not the image itself. Thx šŸ™‚

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