Microsoft Power Automate Tutorial – Power BI Connector Part 2


Hello Friends!

Welcome to the Microsoft Flow Tutorial on the Power BI Connector – Part 2!
In this video Serge Luca, MVP – will show you how to build an analytics Dashboard for your Flow Approvals!

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  • Hi Jon, what is the usage of Nmbr of exp. it is showing 14 as number but the bar chart count is 13.

  • Great work. I love to see how other people's thought process works and how they approach a problem. Your Power BI video has given me inspiration for another piece of work that I'm currently blocked on!

  • Greetings All-Knowing Wise One,

    I have a particular use case where I would like to use Teams and Flow for approvals. I could use your advice how/if it could work.

    I work at a K-12 school and we have a tremendous number of events each year. They can be quite complicated needing different levels of approval and resources from multiple departments. I would like to work on developing a set of Forms and Flows to start tackling some of these approvals and resource assignments. I would like to find a way/place to collect these approval requests that can be reviewed and acted upon by the team of people who handle most of our events.

    I would like to figure out a way to setup a Teams site for this group with a channel dedicated to collecting the incoming requests and allowing the group to review and approve/reject the requests right from teams. I am visualizing some type of list that you can sort, click on to get more details, and easy access buttons or flags to approve or not. I am hoping something better than a SharePoint list but maybe something new? Or a 3rd party add on?




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