Microsoft Power Automate Tutorial – Using flows to parse data


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This week i am joined for another Power automate Tutorial with Django Lohn to help show us how to use flows to parse data from the body of an email, and move that data into a central database!

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  • Love you videos. Very informative. I've been watching your tutorials for some time now, and very interested in flows. Have yet to watch all the videos on flow, and I was wondering if there's a particular tutorial on power automate for updating an excel file, shared in OneDrive (by another user), thru Forms. If there's already a tutorial, hopefully you could point me in the right direction. Thank you!

  • This is exactly what I'm looking for, but it's level 201 and I'm barely level 100. John, you mention that "You an do anything with this data", but kinda frowned on putting it into excel. Can I ask why? In my project I'm receiving 25-30 automated emails a day. I want to extract certain information from those emails, and I was thinking of appending an excel file and ultimately sending an email with a summary of the day, but your comment makes it sound like that may be a mistake. What would be your suggestion for an alternative to excel? Thanks from a Power Automate rookie.

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