Microsoft Translation Services – In a Canvass App


Some time back I saw Craig Bird from Microsoft do an amazing demonstration using Microsofts Translator Connector in a PowerApp. Honestly, I was blown away at how powerful this functionality is. The crazy part is, not a load of people even know about it.

I did this quick little Video recording of me testing this out. I was actually amazed! (If you prefer Youtube, click here.) I used it in a demo the next day and people really loved it.

If you get the time, I suggest you follow this step by step process, which shows you exactly how to achieve this awesomeness.

The one thing that I will say is that as cool as this is, I found that it needs to be baked properly into a larger application and have a story associated to it. In this scenario the app I created was a “Trade Show Application” that enabled users from company X the ability to interact with people from the trade show and capture contacts and leads. The translation functionality was used when the user was interacting with someone from a different country that did not speak English very well.

Anyway, thought that I’d share that little nugget of awesome with you!

Happy PowerApping!


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