Motivation Monday: Opinions. Should you listen?


Whats up friends?!

For the second installment of motivation Monday i am going back to an old lesson because its just so damn important!

To see my first version of this lesson go here:

Do not listen to the opinions of others! Go and do what the voice inside is screaming out to do! Dont be boxed in, limited, or demotivated by the words of others.

I know you can do it!

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Much Love from Me!

– Jon

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  • Thanks Jon, spot on. There are always a 1000 reasons why something can't be done, if you listen to a 1000 people who haven't been able to do it, you will never be the guy that did something that that a 1000 people couldn't.

  • Hey Jon, great video like always, Let them haters be your motivation!!! Hope the back is getting better bro….

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