Motivation Monday S3 E4 – Choose Your Tribe


Whats up my friends!?

Welcome back to another season of #MotivationMonday!

This week we talk about how choosing a tribe that supports you will be integral to your journey of success. Negative people bring us down and try to halt our progress so they don’t feel bad about themselves… No, instead… Choose a tribe that uplifts and encourages you!

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– Jon

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  • I've felt the same disconnect / toxicity in the relationship with my parents, though it took me many years to put words on the feelings. At some point, I just cut contacts with them, though I kept in touch with my sister. I reconnected a little when my father's health began to seriously decline (he recently passed away) and am still in touch with my mother now, but the relationship is very different. It is not easy to admit, but the time that I spent without them in my life has felt so much better, I felt so liberated. When I got back in touch, I was much more free and knew that if it started again, I could just go away again. Being related is not a justification to remain under the influence of a toxic relationship. Thanks for your words, Jon.

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