New PowerApps Licensing: kills the Canvas App P1


When you consider the scenarios where you had to expand on the Office base licence and opt for a P1 PowerApp plan… well in October this won’t be possible!

You’ll have to go for either the “per app” plan (which has a minimun user count of 30) or a “per user” plan which is pretty close to what the P2 plan was.

In no case does the price tag gets lower to what you get currently with P1

As for choosing between per app or per user… the threshold is 8 users where the per user total per months hits the $320 USD mark (vs. $300 per app licence).

Then again… it all depends on the number of apps you have deployed 😉

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  • Yes, October will bring new license plans. Besides PowerApps also Flow and Dynamics licenses will change. Flow will have a similar license model as PowerApps.

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