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Part 1 of Dynamics Portal Web Forms – Save and Close, and Submit

In this vlog I cover how you can improve the portal end user experience using additional configuration for web forms.

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  1. I love your vlogs. Seriously. So forgive my comment, but I suspect you are not completely accurate I think at the 3 minute mark, where you state that Web Form Steps display entity forms. They don't. They display MS Dyn Forms, but not "Entity Forms". Entity Form is a Portal Term that I am having trouble figuring out why they have it. I think they originally created Entity Forms to display data from an entity. But as the product developed, they realized they need to capture data from different entity during different parts of the application, thus making way for their development of the "Web Forms" and "Web Form Steps" which allow (a) multi-steps (b) multi-entity data collection.

  2. Hi Elaiza, This is an awesome tutorial can you please send me more details of how you created the web forms and other pages on CRM-> Portals, then it would be great. I am working on a POC for a similar kind of approach which you shown in this video. You can mail me at

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