PDF Automation series: Part 2 – How to create a custom connector for Dynamics 365


Part 2 will cover how to create a custom connector for Dynamics 365 with a couple of actions. As a prerequisite an App Registration is required which I cover as well in this episode.

00:00 – Introduction
00:24 – Agenda
02:05 – Brief overview of the Convert to PDF functionality
03:04 – Brief overview of Stefan Strube’s blog post
05:22 – Create a new App Registration in Azure Portal for Dynamics 365
05:53 – Enable API Permissions for Dynamics 365 for the newly created App Registration
06:14 – Create a Client Secret for the newly created App Registration
06:54 – Create a new custom connector
08:07 – Configure Security for the custom connector
10:06 – Create a new action for ExportPdfDocument Dynamics 365 API request
12:26 – Testing of the generatepdf action
15:28 – Create a new action for activitymimeattachment Dynamics 365 API request
19:04 – Testing of the createemailattachment action
21:17 – Check the custom connector is visible in flow with the two actions

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