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  1. is it applicable for look up to look up??

    >I have an entity Vendor, it have a look up for expense field(expense entity)

    >So in my transaction Entity, it have a look up for the Vendor entity which is vendor name and the expense, so when I select a vendor name from the look up it will populate the expense lookup.

  2. If i were to copy your (realtime)workflow but have it take adress from account to all related contacts (17k contacts) will it cause performance issues?

    So a workflow like if the checkbox copy adres from account is always on yes – will it continually check all the records all the time or does it only happen on change?

  3. Great video Elaiza. So how does this work when there is multiple “ship to” addresses for a contact/account. How does the lookup work for the entity attribute mapping? Does it give you a choice to select between different ship to addresses for the same account/contact? I noticed “LOOK UP ADDRESS” 0:39 on the Ribbon on the Order form. Some of my accounts/contacts have alternative delivery addresses, which are stored in the composite customeraddress entity. Thanks.

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