Power Apps: Top 3 Uses for the HTML Control

  • Yo! This is next level dope! The Printing with HTML is something I've been working on and making it look nice has been a process. Thank you for the assist.

  • Thanks a lot! This is the kind of control you wished you knew better before… if well used, it can be a real time saver/game changer! I'm thinking about a pop-up "control" made of only 1 HTML text control + a register variable with all the flags, colors, and strings needed. It would be easy to deploy and reuse in different apps.
    Additionally, I recognize lately I've been using this HTML control instead of the regular table control. It's just lighter and way more customizable.

  • Thanks for these wonderful tips.
    As I author apps for Arabic users, I struggled with right-to-left text direction until I used the HTML control with the <Div dir=rtl attribute. That was a life saver!

  • Hi I am trying to work on room entry powerapp with sharepoint, daily user are allow to enter the room within certain limitation, once the limitation has reach, user is not allow to submit the form, any videos I can refer to, need help, thank you.

  • great tutorial as always! exactly what i need now. Thanks April, keep 'em coming! 🙂

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