Power Automate Approval Workflow 2.0

  • Nice video, but what if you sending a document for multi approval and you need the signature of all approvers to appear on the document, assume using pen input or sketch to sign the document

  • Perfect timing, I just happened to be watching the old video when I saw this update. I do have a question: is it possible to have the nice look and feel of the email in the Outlook desktop app?

  • Loving the new approvals, still missing the approval reminders options. how hard is it to check a box that says "Send Reminder" and then adding a time (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, …). maybe someday…. Great video as always Jon!

  • Good flow, but what about error handling? When you have a multi layer approval flow and something goes wrong, you have to start all over again. I don't think that the people who already gave an approval want to approve again.

  • Great video. You can show how to edit sharepoint forms with powerapps so colums for approval can be only edited by power automate and not by users. Also turnig off quick edit!!!

  • Hi Jon, any tips on how to create a parallel approval workflow where the approval emails are triggered based on the requestor input? Example: requestor ask for access to building A, building B but not building C, each building has different approvers so the worflow will send two emails, one to approver for building A and another to approver for building B. Once all approvals are received, trigger an email to building admin to process the request. Input will be much appreciated.

  • Too easy. Thanks, this will come in very handy. Might go eat a 3-layer chocolate cake to celebrate.

  • Great update. Could you do a vid on sending approvals to many people and get to the next approval stage based on the majority response, while also recording all of those responses in a SharePoint list? Have seen this is possible but a video would be fabulous.

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