Power Automate Tutorial – Approval Attachments Part 2


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Approval attachments are here! Let’s learn how to use them with MVP Daniel Laskewitz (http://twitter.com/laskewitz)

Watch Part 1 here: https://youtu.be/A3_HiXRTPVE

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  • What about a solution if i need to add an attachment in the middle of approval process. Lets say i have multi approval scenario and second approver needs to add attachment to running approval. How do i solve this?

  • Jon, This was a great video to see. This goes along way with helping me with my project. I am new to Office 365, Sharepoint, and now MS Teams. I have your multi layer approval working using the url. Now, I can use the attachment feature. What I am trying to determine is whether to incorporate this type approval into our MS Teams or not? Anyway, great work on the video and looking forward to future videos. Stay Safe!

  • When i Rejected the request the process doesn't stop i am trying to bill a multi layer approval how i can fix this?

  • I cant seem to find an example of anyone sending multiple attachments for approval. Is there a way to do that?

  • Hi Jon, I am trying to create a custom flow. My trigger is a response submission in Forms, which would then pull the users profile to obtain their managers information and send an email approval. However my information comes up in the email (not part of the body). I used "get user profile" so it shouldn't be sending emails to managers that i myself am requesting XYZ. Everything within the flow is perfect except that it has my user information in it. Is this a flow issue or a form issue? HELP

  • Thanks for the tutorial. I think I'm also going to switch my attempts to make an approval flow to a manual start because each time I start with "When an item is changed" or "When a new item is added" my approval flows keep looping back. They work, the emails are send, the approvals are registered, but then after a few minutes the email request to approve the same item reappears 🙁

  • I don't see the [Identifier] when I want to add the file content. Only [ID] but that gives a 404 error.

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