Power Automate Tutorial – Creating CDS Entities


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This week for #TutorialTuesday we are joined by the ever cool Marc Gerner as he shows us how to start to work with CDS Entities and what makes them up!

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  • My next project will actually include Power Automate, PowerApps and CDS so this video was a perfect find, Thanks

  • Awesome Video Jon! Please make more videos related do CDS and Model Driven Apps.I can find a lot of high quality videos about Canvas App / Power Automate/ Power BI / etc. But seems that we are missing good content like this one for model driven apps.

    Especially for more advanced scenarios like integrating canvas apps/ power BI reports into the Model Driven Apps.

  • In the navigation on the left towards the end of the video, you have Contacts under "New Group", however, when I create a contact, it takes me out to the contact application to add contacts. How would you stay within the solution and add contacts?

  • I saw in his app he broke a Date Time field into a separate Date and Time picker. Is this available out of the box now?

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