Power Automate Tutorial – Intro to Trigger Conditions


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Welcome to this weeks Power Automate Tutorial – an introduction to Trigger Conditions
Want to see my previous video about trigger conditions? – https://youtu.be/ICQEPSsx-qA

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  • Just for clarity: are the api calls capped on a per user or per license basis? Currently taking my first steps with our office 365 license and in the process of wetting appetite for it in my organisation.

  • Has any one tried a trigger creating a sharepoint item if a specific answer on a Form is Yes? I am struggling, I have a form that asks if a person wants something specific if they say yes I then need the answers to the section to be created in a specific list away from the main data list (this section is bank details so I need to be careful who has access), I want to use a condition trigger to limit the runs but I cant figure it out it just doesnt run. I am using: @equals(triggerbody('Get_response_details')?['r6321a3b92e1f4711a083c78737418512'], 'yes') – I looked up the code of the reponse but it comes up as a body not a trigger body, it wont save as a body so I have changed to trigger body but when I test the run it is still not working any help would be great.

  • Can anyone help?
    I am using a flow to get the body of an email and grab a date and time from email. The date and time come in as May 28th 2020 10:00 pm. I really need to convert this to yyyy-mm-ddthh:mm:ss so I can use that to create a outlook calendar event. Any ideas?

  • great video, I really admire the scenarios and the way Reza explanation …!! 1000 kudos to both of you for this great video.

  • Great video, clearly explained – thanks.
    I have one question, which I've not been able to find anything via searches – when should an OData Filter expression be used, rather than a Trigger Condition?

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