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Join me and the Super, Super User…Yash Agarwal as we show you how to use the new Microsoft Forms attachments in Power Automate!!

Yash is here again to show us how to be a pro like him! welcome back Yash!

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  • Great video, Jon. One note for those familiar with/using Group Forms, the files are uploaded to a folder inside of the Documents library in the Group's SharePoint site. If you want to take that file and put it somewhere else, you actually need to use the OneDrive (not SharePoint) actions to get the file and its content. I recorded a demo of this here: https://youtu.be/fjdhb9_m7Ho. Using the OneDrive actions was suggested by one of the admins over in the Power Automate Community (I would never have thought of that myself).

  • Thanks, Jon and Yash! This is a great tutorial, and I made it. A question: what the expression would be if I need to upload multiple attachments?

  • Thanks Jon and Yash. I m new to using flow for my small business. Can you help me with following
    1. Create a flow to send email attachment based on choice submitted in form.
    ( Real life scenario – i have a form where client chooses from product list options to receive single or multiple product catalog as attachment in email.)
    Thanking in advance.

  • ***** Get submitted Form*****
    -:– create list
    2:50 – Form creation
    3:48 – file attachment in Form
    5:34 – Flow creation -> new -> blank -> When a new response submitted
    6:05 – Flow: Get response details (*always use after 'when a new response…'
    ***** Extract file information from submitted form *****
    7:10 – Flow: Compose (Data operations) – used temporarily to make JSON schema
    Inputs: dynamic ref to file from form
    7:43 – 'Test' in Flow -> 'Preview' in Forms
    *9:28 * copy the string from above to format to JSON below to set schema
    9:30 – Flow: Parse JSON
    – Content: dynamic file reference
    – Schema: Generate from sample – paste string from 9:28
    10:15 – Flow: Delete Compose Data (now JSON schema is made)
    *** Manipulate file to save and send in email ****
    10:21 – Flow: Get file content using path (One drive for business)
    11:06 – click on folder icon
    -> Apps -> Microsoft Forms -> [Form name] -> [Question Name] -> [File Name]
    14:01 create Expression to reference file name
    'first' – returns first element in string or array
    'body' – == actions('actionName').outputs.body
    /Apps/Microsoft Forms/[Form name]/[Question Name]/first(body('Parse_JSON'))?['name']
    ?Can this be replaced with first(body('Parse_JSON'))?['link']
    14:39 Create Item (SharePoint)
    15:51 Add Attachment (SharePoint)
    16:35 Send an email (V2) (Office 365 Outlook)
    18:08 testing the finished Flow
    21:05 Further parse JSON explanation

    Above are my notes on this great video so I can efficiently refer back to it. Much respect to Jon the incredible creator and Yash the Super Super User.

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