Power Automate Tutorial – Raffle Ticket Automation Solution


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In Todays video I am joined by Daniel Christian! (http://twitter.com/dchristian19) as he shows us how to make a Raffle Ticket Automation Solution in Microsoft Power Automate!

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  • Another winner but in my non-profit life we sell books of tickets, so is there a way if someone buy 20 tickets for $20 that you could allocate them 20 random numbers out of a database of 2000 tickets. Perhaps Daniel could comment.

  • This is really cool. However, I would suggest the implementation of a mechanism so people don't cheat… for instance, I have 3 different emails. I could fill out the form several times w/ different emails to increase my chances of being randomly picked by the raffle…

    I don't expect many people doing this, but who knows, it's always better to think in a solution which is cheating-proof ?

  • Hi again! Recently, MS Forms activated the option to upload files. I could see that the file is stored in a folder in Onedrive (not available from Sharepoint, at least for me). I was wondering how to obtain that file from the OneDrive and store it in a folder that I normally create for each user that completes the forms. I couldn't get the files as they keep the original name when they were uploaded and so I cannot identify which files belongs to an specific user. Thoughs? Thanks and keep going with your channel! We apply it in our everyday issues 😀

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