Power Automate Tutorial – Refresh Power BI Dataset


whats up friends?!

In this weeks video i am showing you how to use Power automate to automatically refresh your Power BI Data set! Power Automate + Power BI is a beautiful set of tools when used together!

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  • Hey, I am throwing you an idea for a new video.
    Refresh the dataset by using – web UI flow !!!
    It's easy and there is no limitation of up to 8 times a day like you presented in the video.
    Good luck!

  • Nice simple demo, 😀 I hope more story when do it by manual , by person , about the productivity , how many time of improve, for talk normal persons, non developers, they need the story , how easy their life, their work, 🤗
    Most workers get data as email, create new worksheet from all data, import data to Power BI, and report to manager 🤨🤨🤨, every day, every week, it's hard work

  • Good video. Can you show how to do it on an Excel file sitting in a local machine, not sharepoint ?

  • I don't see the point as you already have scheduled refresh in Powerbi, trigger refresh only when something happens ?

  • Hi Jon that was a great content!!!

    I tried to do that and I followed the exact steps you mentioned but didn't work …. do you need a gateway in order to work?


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