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In this video I show how you can force your Power App to open in the Mobile Application instead of the Browser. This is particularly helpful when you are using Deep Linking in your Power Apps. If you aren’t sure what Deep Linking is check out this video: https://youtu.be/EZyxlYtzqTQ

Whether you are linking to another Power App inside an app with the Launch() command, or you are linking to a Power App from a URL in an email or website, if you just put in the HTTP address of your PowerApp then it will always open in the Browser even if you are on a phone or tablet.

I’ll show how to use URL Scheme’s to force the link to the Power App to open in the mobile application instead of the browser. For more details on URL Scheme’s and how to for other links to open in the native app check out this blog post: https://www.sharepointsiren.com/2019/07/launching-mobile-app-from-powerapps/

Here’s the URL Scheme for Power Apps:

ms-apps:///providers/Microsoft.PowerApps/apps/put your Power Apps App ID here

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  • Thanks for the video. Unfortunately I had used it in my last app but it did not work. In our company we use "Intune Company Portal". All the O365 apps are part of this policy. So clicking any deeplink from Email it will force to open Edge browser instead of open PowerApps directly. We raised a ticket to MS but they said with InTune now it is not possible to open PowerApps as any link will open in Edge only.

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