PowerApps & SharePoint Demo with EXIF Image Metadata Extraction


In this latest updated demo of this really awesome app I created using PowerApps, I showcase how I am able to extract EXIF metadata data properties including the Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, Address, Basic Tags (outdoor / indoor / person), ThumbnailUrl, Camera Make, Model, blah, blah, blah all within a single Power Automate flow containing less than 20 steps in total, 10 of which are simply initializing and setting variables, with paging comes to a whooping 45 seconds on averages per 5000 photos processed from a SharePoint Site Assets Library containing over R10k of photos. About 25% of which are photos between 4MB and 20MB.

No Cognitive Services Computer Vision API. No complex code. No 4MB file limit.
Genuinely absolutely free 🤩.

Also check out some of the other of far more enriched demo apps I have equally created. Kind of like the type of functionality you might expect in the next release of PowerApps, never mind the next wave of updates 😄:
https://youtu.be/vSbwmHfqK3c . – PowerApps & SharePoint User Experience Demo v1.0
https://youtu.be/poKsDNYm9Jw – PowerApps & SharePoint User Experience Demo v1.0 (Simplified Version)
Blog: https://masteroffice365.com/powerapps

https://youtu.be/DCdvwTE7LIw – PowerApps & SharePoint Search Integration Demo

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