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PowerApps – Start Up Parameters

This is a quick intro and awareness blog post for the Startup Parameters functionality for Canvas Apps – I hope to do a scenario based instructional guide soon!

Did you know you can configure the behaviour of an app upon startup? Well you can :-D! This can be useful for many reasons – one being that you can configure a Flow to send an email upon record change which can send an email to a user that opens the app up on that particular record (using ‘OnChange’ functionality – this could be great for WorkFlow related applications).

If you go to the first Screen in the screens list you’ll notice within the Advanced properties area that an “OnStart” box is available. This is highlighted in the image below. This allows us to run a formula when the app starts:

From here you can set various formulas- whether it be navigation dependant on the values of certain records (e.g. if a records status has changed you may wish for the users attention to be drawn to the record).




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