PowerApps Storytelling Competition April 2020


I’d like to invite you and your children to enter this storytelling competition where YOU get to build an amazing app and share it with the rest of the world.

The video explains all the things that you need to do, but in short.
1. Go to www.dataspinners.co.uk, then to the Powerapps Kids tab
2. Download the storytelling app
3. Go to https://us.create.powerapps.com/studio/#
If you don’t have a license please watch the start of this vid to get you started here https://youtu.be/wfwFYd9XaBU?t=185
4. Upload the app
5. Save the app
6. Edit the app
7. Save the app to the cloud
8. Save the app to your computer
9. Send the app to me (as per the vid)

Entries close 2nd May, but you can keep building for as long as you like.

Good luck.

source TDG/Data Spinners

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