I’ve been putting together a presentation around Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations snapshot report functionality related to Project Management & Accounting and thought i’d present a few of the various rapid bits of analysis you can do to see the health of a project.

Please note that all of these reports and queries are located within Project Management and Accounting>All Projects (Or My Projects) then select a project and go to the ‘Control’ tab in the Action Pane as shown below:


Cash flow:

This report allows the user to quickly see information relating to the cash inflows and outflows of the company, including where the cash is coming in from and what activities are creating the cash outflows.


Cost Control:

This statement allows the user to the monitor the costs that the organisation incurs during a project – it allows the viewer to compare the original budgeted costs with current total cost and allows the viewer to very quickly see any deviations from the budget on the ‘Deviation’ tab.


Tracking Views:

Tracking Views allows the user to compare the Effort and Cost that has been required to complete each activity within the Work Breakdown Structure against the planned cost by Toggling the ‘Effort Tracking/Cost Tracking’ button.

Invoice Control:

Invoice Control allows the user to see what total amount (divided into Transaction Type) is available to be invoiced (Total Invoicing), how much has been invoiced (Invoiced) and what is still remaining to be Invoiced (Chargeable) – it also show how much is non-chargeable and then the total of all.


Project statements:

Project Statements allow the user to see a quick snapshot view of the following:

  • General – General information about the basic profit and loss structure of the project.
  • Profit and loss – Information about accrued revenue.
  • WIP – Information about WIP account balances.
  • Consumption – Information about the consumption of hours, items, expenses, and payroll transactions.
  • Invoice – Information about invoices and on-account invoicing.
  • Hour rate – The hour rates for hours that are posted to revenue and cost accounts.

(By selecting each tab respectively)

Project Budget Balances:

This analysis/report allows the user to view the health of the budget by looking at the Budget itself against what has been consumed.

Unbudgeted Cost:

Unbudgeted costs is relatively self explanatory, it shows all the costs associated to the project that were not part of the Budget.


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