Purchase Order Receipt and Follow Up

So recently I’ve had a few conversations with some of the community where we dived into the deep dark world of Accounts Payable. Some of conversations contained a point a little like this “it is a shame that we cannot see a list of Purchase Orders that are yet to have GRNs assigned to them…”, then suddenly “BOOM” I hit them with a fact of awesomeness and tell them about the ‘Purchase Order Receipt and Follow up’ Workspace.

“Will, what is this mythical workspace you speak of?” Allow me to tell you!

The ‘Purchase Order Receipt and Follow Up’ workspace is an activity orientated area focus on control and maintenance of POs – it allows you to view your POs and the various states they are currently sitting in – as show below (or as it says “on the tin” look at purchase order receipts and follow up on them):

This includes:

  • Pending Receipts by vendor – POs that are yet to be receipted against
  • Delayed Receipts by vendor – POs where receipts are overdue
  • Registered not received orders
  • Returns by vendors

It also provides other salient details around POs that are waiting to be invoiced and, of course, other quick links to initialise other inquiry based activities that we would expect from a workspace. The entire workspace focused on processing Purchase Orders.

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