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Everyday we learn, no matter what and that’s absolutely true. However more important is to retain what we have learnt today and reduce the time in re-inventing the wheel later. I just now learnt a very small thing but i still wish to put this in writing so that i remember it in future and also if it helps others , then nothing like it.

If the project  is over and the ‘Eliminate’ button does not activate, then there are two reasons for it, one is either the cost is not yet set to 0 or the contract value (On-account) is not yet invoiced. However there is one more reason why it wont be active, which i learnt today.

In my example, which is a straight line project, where the ‘Actual start date’ is 14th of Jan 2018 and ‘Actual end date’ is 13th of Feb 2018, however we are in September. When i invoiced the on-account (contract value), i did not realize that i haven’t changed the ‘Posting date’ and it was today, .i.e. 4th of September 2018.

On account invoice posting date

After that i started posting estimates. As there were only two months for which i need to run the estimates, i ran it for Jan 2018 and Feb 2018 and i was expecting the ‘Eliminate’ button to get active so that i can eliminate the project. However system did not activate the ‘Eliminate’ button. I instantly realized that system is probably looking at the invoice ‘Posting date’. Hence i continued the estimates till September 2018 and after the estimate for September 2018 was posted, system activated the ‘Eliminate’ button. Notice the ‘Invoice revenue’ also appeared in the month of September only.

Eliminate button activated after the September 2018 estimate posting

Just to prove it completely and validate it 100%, i created one more project but this time while posting the on-account invoice, i deliberately changed the posting date to 15th of Jan 2018.

On account invoice posting date

After that i posted two estimates for Jan 2018 and Feb 2018 and then instantly after the Feb 2018 estimated was posted, system activated the ‘Eliminate’ option.

Eliminate option activated after the February 2018 estimate posting

I know this is pretty small for a blog post but thought of capturing it so that it does not get lost.

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Sarang Kusare

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