An Event Like No Other


January 26th, 2019…. that date will be etched in my memory for a very long time. It was a momentous occasion as it was the very first Dynamics 365 Saturday event ever held in Scotland. If you haven’t been to an event like this before, and you are involved in Dynamics 365 in any capacity, it’s worth checking out ( These events are organised and presented by members of the community…. for members of the community.

The event was organised by four Dynamics rock stars – Mark Christie, Iain Connelly, Hayley Talent and Claire Carmichael. After sorting out the venue (University of Strathclyde Technology and Innovation Centre in Glasgow), the next step was to get some presenters. The line up read like a whose who in Dynamics…. There were Microsoft MVP’s, experts from partners, consultants and Microsoft representatives all there to share knowledge and experience with others willing and wanting to learn. Here is a quick look at the line up of sessions:

The welcome upon arrival was pretty impressive… we had a bagpiper guiding us through the entrance. It was something I don’t think I will ever forget. Hopefully the other attendees felt the same.

I had my own session to prep and plan for but was more excited about attending some of the others from my fellow presenters. I reviewed carefully, but no matter who I went to see, I was missing content from so many amazing people. In the end I opted to go to Ryan Maclean, Kyle Hill, Sara Lagerquist and Lucy Muscat. Each person had something different I knew I would be able to learn from. They were all amazing, as I had no doubt they would be. As a fellow speaker, I also felt a sense of pride and admiration for each person standing up and ‘doing their thing’ (not just the ones I was lucky enough to see). Anyone who has ever done this themselves will know, it takes a lot of guts to stand up in front of a room. So awesome job to each and every one of them!

The session had close to 250 in attendance. Feedback from those who had been to other D365 Saturday events is that the event in Scotland has set such a high bar, it’s the one to aspire to emulate. I am so so proud to have been a part of this experience. It was expertly planned by the organisers, but I think the speakers played a huge part in the run up to the event. We all tweeted, liked, shared, reshared and retweeted as much as we could without annoying others on social media.

I can’t wait for the next event, but it’s going to take a LONG time before I ever feel so much love, warmth and excitement being involved in this way.

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