SharePoint capped at 500 records- Data Row Limit for non-delegable queries

So I was busy creating a nice Canvas App using the brilliant Patch command when my records stopped transferring across to SharePoint at exactly 500 records.

Knowing that SharePoint can hold many more entries than this I was slightly confused – on deeper investigation I found the little gremlin blocking my patch commands (File>App Settings>Advanced Settings):

When increasing this limit it allowed my records through. I hope this helps someone out there!!!

  • I would also be mindful of whether this is for desktop or mobile deployment. Depending on the number of columns being pulled in (i.e if doing a ClearCollect of all rows in the source), you may want to consider leaving this as-is and filtering server-side using delegation due to loading times on mobile devices.

    In my tests with larger datasets on mobiles the users were unwilling to wait for that volume of data to load so instead I set a default filter that had a very small number of records and then directed the user to set whichever filters they required, which then reduced the volume of records coming in.

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