Whats up friends?! welcome to video 3 of our 5 part series! If you haven’t seen part 1, make sure to go and see that first! Part 1 – Plan, Prep and Build the Database / Entities Part 2 (This Video) – Create the Model driven App Part 3 – Build your BPF Part 4 […]

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Whats up friends?! Today Kent and I introduce you to a brand new Flow/Apps feature called SOLUTIONS! Solutions allow you to package up Flows and Apps and CDS Stuff so you can share/sell or move those items to other locations! Let us know what you think of solutions in a comment below! To get started […]

Microsoft Videos 3

Whats up Friends! In this video, myself and Karan from the Flow Team are going to show a Business Process Flow (BPF) use and how to add steps into one! Stay tuned as we build more BPF’s in future videos as well!! To get a P2 Trial visit the following link – and select […]

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