Whats up friends! Welcome to the Jon and Kent JSYK – Just So You Know, Podcast! We will discuss technology in all of its forms. Consumer, emerging, line of business and more! Today we discuss Black Friday, The new iPhone XS series, and the ever shrinking bathroom on airliners! To follow Kent on Twiiter head […]

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What’s up friends! Happy Flow Tuesday and Happy Halloween! I can never pick what Halloween costume that I want to wear and i always wait until the last minute and spend hours in the store trying to figure it out! This year, thanks to April Dunnam ( a future Microsoft Flow MVP, And her awesome […]

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Whats up Flow Fans! In this video i collect on my coffee bet with Kent from our RACE Video! You will want to go check that out first to understand the context for this video! View it here – To get started with microsoft flow visit To check out infobip and their service […]

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For this weeks Motivation Monday I had some help from Samit Saini as he was in town for the Business Application Summit! This week Samit shares some of his heart with us as he describes the feeling of never stopping and if he did.. what it would mean.. He then also shares the growth […]

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