Whats up friends!? This week is a quick video to fulfill a Twitter request i had received about making a video on how to fix broken connections! Its not a long one, but its an important one! to try out Microsoft Flow head to to follow me on Twitter head to as always, […]

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Whats up friends?! In today’s video we are covering the Microsoft Teams Connector in Microsoft Flow! We cover the actions, the triggers and we do some demos to show you how you can best use this connector to your advantage! To learn more about Flow head to To follow me on Twitter head to […]

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Whats up friends?! For this weeks video i am showing you a quick demo on how to use Team Flows to collaborate on a #MicrosoftFlow Project! If you have any questions, please let me know! Much love from me! As always, Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE – Jon Checkout Jon Levesque’s Channel

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Whats up friends?! welcome to video 5 of our 5 part series! If you haven’t seen part 1, make sure to go and see that first! Part 1 – Plan, Prep and Build the Database / Entities Part 2 – Create the Model driven App Part 3 – Build your BPF Part 4 – Build […]

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What’s up friends?! Today I am bringing you six Flow Tips, brought to you by the community! Let’s go through them together and see: – Solutions – See More – Naming Actions – Ownership – Disabling Flows – Zooming in and Out That’s it! Hope they help, if you have tips i should share leave […]

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Whats up friends! Welcome to another Tuesday video about Microsoft Flow! In this video, Myself and one of the Flow Engineers Dave take on a challenge from XKCD to prove that a solution that can detect birds doesnt take long to build at all when you have #MicrosoftFlow want to get started with Flow? Check […]

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Hey Flow Friends!? In this Microsoft Flow Digital Transformation session, myself and Kent teach you how to promote digital transformation in your organization as well as some common Flow scenarios you can use to wow your Leadership. to get started on microsoft Flow head over to Follow along with us and let us know […]

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Whats up friends! In this Microsoft Flow and PowerApps session, Daniel Christian shows you his amazing lego recognition app! Daniel killed it as usual, and shows you just how easy it is to build something liek this yourself! To get started with Microsoft Flow head over to To follow Daniel Christian on Twitter head […]

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Whats up Friends?! Today Kent and I went to Building 34 on the Microsoft Campus to try the Microsoft HOT WINGS!!! How did we not know about this sooner?! See if they are any good, and come check out this little behind the scenes look at what its like to eat lunch at the Microsoft […]

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Hey Flow users! Have you ever found yourself enjoying your time on a business trip only to find that then you get home and have to deal with the hassle of organizing and submitting your expenses?! Well stress no more, because there is a solution from Microsoft Flow that will make all of your expense […]

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