Whats up friends! Join me and #DoctorFlow as we discuss the Flow State Machine pattern to get around the limitation of 30 day flow run length! To get started with flow head to To follow serge on twitter go to To read Serges Blog about the flow control pattern head to: as […]

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Whats up friends!? Today I am sharing my top 8 moments of 2018! How many of the moments did you see in previous videos? Are you subscribed so you don’t miss any of the awesomeness that is coming in 2019? Thank you all so much for such an amazing year! Much love from me to […]

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What’s up friends?! Come along wIth me and Gabriel as we head to SPS Oslo with Ahmad! We endure some issues along the way… losing luggage sucks! Have you ever had yours lost? We overcome it though and get to go see all the sights and take in the beauty of the city! To follow […]

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Whats up friends!? Come along with me to #SPSLisbon Where I am the Keynote Speaker and see the sights of Lisbon and Sintra while you catch up on Flow sessions from many of the MVP’s you are becoming familiar with by now! From there we go to Paris France and the Modern Workplace Conference where […]

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Whats up friends! This week i traveled to #MicrosoftIgnite to speak about Microsoft Flow and to Podcast and have customer meetings, and WOW was it busy!! Thanks so much to alllllllll of my friends that connected, came to my sessions, shared time and knowledge and feedback…. all of you really are the reason why i […]

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