Whats up friends! Join me and #DoctorFlow as we discuss the Flow State Machine pattern to get around the limitation of 30 day flow run length! To get started with flow head to To follow serge on twitter go to To read Serges Blog about the flow control pattern head to: as […]

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Whats up friends!? Follow along with this Microsoft Flow Session from Stephen Siciliano GPM of Flow as he walks you through what is Flow, where is it headed, and how it can be useful to your business! To get started with Microsoft Flow head over to To follow Stephen on Twitter head over to […]

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Whats up friends! In this Microsoft Flow Session Matt Wade is showing you how to create a chatbot using atbot ( and Microsoft Flow! Matt killed it as usual, and shows you that chatbots dont take development skills! To get started with Microsoft Flow head over to To follow Matt Wade on Twitter head […]

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Whats up friends! In this Microsoft Flow Session I am creating Flows that use Microsoft Forms in front of an audience of about 350 people! This was one of my fastest, funnest, most favorite sessions i have ever delivered. This was from The Business Application Summit – to check out the video about that event, […]

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Whats up friends?! In this video Hadley Griffin (Microsoft Intern – Shows us how she made a #MicrosoftFlow to help her automatically post Microsoft News to her Twitter feed. She uses the RSS connector, Microsoft Exchange to send an email with options and then finally the Twitter connector to post her Tweet automatically! Want […]

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Whats up Friends?! Come and join me and a few of the Microsoft Flow MVPS as John Liu shows us some new Flow skills and we all crack a fair amount of jokes. Want to be part of our next hangout? Be sure to Subscribe to the channel to receive alerts about us going live! […]

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Whats up friends! I have been getting a lot of requests lately to show how to do Approval timeout, escalation and retry. So i decided to put together this video! To build this with me you will need to head over to and get registered and signed in. To read a blog post about […]

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Hey Friends, In this video i show you the #Flow and #SharePoint list that helps manage our Flow of the Week series! You will learn about the compose action, the delay until action, and how to create a SharePoint list with a few columns, all coming together to power a very cool Flow! If you […]

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Hey Flow Fans! Myself and my friend Kent got together again to make a new Microsoft Flow Tutorial! We decided to take on another pop culture item and so we took on Dude Where’s my car, because I’m always forgetting where to park! Come along with us and check out our journey and also learn […]

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What’s up everyone! Today I am creating this Microsoft Flow Approval Workflow video in response to a request from Cesar Itriago here on YouTube where he asked me to make a video on Flow Modern Approvals using the Excel Online service. So, In the video I make a Flow that has an approval using two […]

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