Tracking Unread Email in Dynamics 365

Recently I worked in a project in which user’s requirement was to display unread emails related to cases. Due to high volume of cases, it was not possible for users to keep track of cases with pending activities (and in this case emails). So I spent some time to think over what options do we have to meet this requirement. And here are all the possible options to meet this scenario:
According to my experience the simplest and best solution is to rephrase the requirement statement and let users see the problem from a different angel. Often time users think of their problem and its solution way in advance. In user’s eyes anything except their solution is not going to work!

  1. Why not trying your negotiation skills? Basically, users want to be alerted for activities pending regarding the cases assigned to them. The easiest solution is to use Dynamics 365 for Outlook app. Once you install the app in your outlook, it links emails with CRM records. This means anytime CRM case receives an email, it first passes through the exchange and subsequently outlook. This behavior will let them read emails and see if it linked to a CRM case. With this, they are not even required to open CRM to see unread emails.
  2. Using Rollup fields. The next solution requires a bit of configuration.
    1. Create a two-option field with the name of “Unread Email” on the email entity (or any other activity you wish to track). The purpose of this field is to track if the email entity record is opened or not. This field can be set manually by user or you can use a javascript to set this field when the form is loaded.
    2. A javascript function to run on the load of Email form to set the “Unread Email” to false.
    3. A rollup field on the case entity with the name “Unread Emails”. This rollup field has the following conditions:

3. Another option is to open your visual studio and write a plugin to keep track of read or unread emails. This would be the worst idea; only because when you have a simple options as above why would you wish for costly solutions?
Let me know if you have more ways to accomplish this task?
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