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Virtual Entities 0x80040203 Invalid Argument Error

I stumbled upon this issue after creating a custom virtual entity data provider. Ivan Ficko has a great tutorial on this here. The subgrid displayed...

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PowerApps Export Collection Data as CSV

This came in handy when I needed the user to be able to export data in a collection for  to be used in Excel....

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PowerApps – Running Functions in Parallel using Timers

In a previous post I used PowerApps to query Dynamics to check if a list of email addresses exists in my instance as contacts. I...

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Querying and Exporting Data Using PowerApps

This a less overkill follow up to this post where i used R for Data Science to query and find matching account names in Dynamics. Using...

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OCR & PowerApps – Azure Search

I have put together a video on cognitive OCR and PowerApps which allows you to scan and search through your paper documents using Azure...

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