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Displaying dates in a Create HTML Table action

Back to the Video Library This is a continuation from WTF Episode 17 where in this WTF Episode I share how to display date values...

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Rickrolling these holidays with Power Automate and Microsoft Teams

Back to the Video Library Day 4 of the MVP Advent Calendar - Here's a fun Power Automate to Rickroll your colleagues through posting a...

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Retrieving most recent or oldest records in Power Automate

Back to the Video Library If you need a list of records where it's either most recent/top or oldest/bottom, keep on watching. I show you...

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Developing your personal brand with Troy Hunt

Back to the Video Library I have a chat with Troy Hunt, creator of Have I Been Pwned about developing your personal brand. Troy's answers...

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Automatically update the stage of a Business Process Flow 2.0

Back to the Video Library I've made improvements to my last WTF Flow where I automatically update a stage of a BPF. Thanks to David Yack...

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