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Power Platform 24 Live!

We recently completed the first ever 24 hour event exclusively focused on the Power Platform – Power Platform 24. The Dynamics and Power Platform community...

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Liquid Templates in Dynamics Portals – Part 2

Liquid Templates in Dynamics Portals – Part 1 is a high level overview and a bit of history of Liquid Templates. Now we can take...

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PowerApp Admin Tools

I’ve been working on XrmToolBox Tools for a bit now, both speaking and posting on the huge number of cool tools and how we can build...

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Liquid Templates in Dynamics Portals – Part 1

I’ve been working on Dynamics Portals projects over the last few years.  My first project involved heavy use of Web Forms and Web Form...

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Flow, HTTP Actions, and Files

I am working on a new presentation sample project and I wanted to test invoking an HTTP request from a Flow. Specifically, I want...

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