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Thanks for commenting Joergen

Hello Oliver, My case was simple and I was not using smart buttons. I opened the customization.xml and command ID was missing so I added the command ID. For smart buttons, have you looked at the following link?

@Jessica, I have not seen any official learning from Microsoft. However, I would use the below link for the preparation (once I am ready) I had a plan to go for this exam soon but now I will wait for the updated version. In the certification site, I still see...

Yes, for this architecture, Azure Search requires additional licensing. The licensing for Azure search is per hour consumption which ranges from $0.14 to $10.55. More information on the searching capabilities is found here

Yes, I am sure it happens. 🙂 Since it is using RetreiveMultiple, you can use TOP to take the first record. Or even you can loop through records and call Window.Open for each record separately. At the end, it all goes back to the business requirement.

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