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Licensing Guide for Dynamics 365 Online – October 2019 Update

Overview With October release right around the corner, Microsoft will be moving away from the plan-based structure to base-and-attach licensing model to allow customers to...

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Card vs List: Reflow concept in Dynamics 365 explained

Reflowing to either card or list form is another way to control how we want to present information in Unified Interface. To read more...

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Create a 90 day or 1 year tenant in the New Customer Digital Experiences platform

In case you didn't know, Microsoft Demos ( has been migrated to the new Customer Digital Experience platform ( In this new platform, new tenant...

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How to set Sharepoint document location in a field dynamically in Dynamics 365

So, I recently had this requirement to put the SP document location in a field and show it on the Contact form. And I...

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5 ways to insert images in Dynamics 365 email templates

  Disclaimer: Some of these methods are unsupported, so please check Microsoft documentation for updates. 1. The old school copy paste. 1.You need an image that is...

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