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Create a 90 day or 1 year tenant in the New Customer Digital Experiences platform

In case you didn't know, Microsoft Demos ( has been migrated to the new Customer Digital Experience platform ( In this new platform, new tenant...

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How to set Sharepoint document location in a field dynamically in Dynamics 365

So, I recently had this requirement to put the SP document location in a field and show it on the Contact form. And I...

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5 ways to insert images in Dynamics 365 email templates

  Disclaimer: Some of these methods are unsupported, so please check Microsoft documentation for updates. 1. The old school copy paste. 1.You need an image that is...

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An easier way to export data from your D365 environments

Exporting/Importing data can sometimes be a tedious and time-consuming task but thanks to this feature in PowerApps, exporting data from multiple entities is as...

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Enable Unified Interface Only in Dynamics 365

Users can now enable Unified Interface Only in Dynamics 365 environments. Enabling this feature allows user to land directly in the app available to...

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