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Moses Chats with Vanessa Raath

“Treat Everyone Equally” & “I get to change peoples lives” - Vannessa Raath (Expert Recruitment) explains that you need to start a “Online Career...

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Moses Chats with Bruce Sithole

We got Bruce Sithole eventually, Moses and Bruce wear Flamingo (bar man) and Panda (hugger) outfits to get the party started and when there...

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Moses Chats with Daniel Gad

Violets are Red & Roses are Blue... ??? Moses narrates Dan's wedding to funny text messages about Rabbi's or Rabbits. To rocking up in Rolls Phantom...

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Moses And Iain Connolly

Spooing on the golf course, hairy cows, to teaching Chuck Norris the round house kick, travelling in Rv's, eating short bread, saying "Hi Jimmy",...

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Moses Chats With Lucy Muscat

Source by TDG

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