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PowerApps Tuesday Tutorials 46 First Last

First and Last are really handy functions to have in your toolbox. In this vid we take a look at how to use them and...

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Document Management #5 Connecting to CDS App

Creating an app using the Common Data Service for Apps. Whilst this is the 'Last in the Series' it's also sort of the first as...

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PowerApps Tuesday Tutorials #45 Launch()

Launch is a tremendously versatil function. In this session we use it to launch a phone number, map, web page and email. Syntax is as follows:- Launch("Tel:0800...

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PowerApps Tuesday Tutorials #44 Icons Tips

A little vid with some tips on how to use Icons within Powerapps source TDG/Data Spinners Subscribe to Rory's channel

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How Santa Manages Christmas Using Office 365

This is my theory about how Santa might use Office 365 to help work out the naughty or nice children...check it out you might...

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