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Recently I attended the Dynamics 365 Saturday event in Stockholm and I have to say, what an excellent event. I have never been to Stockholm, so I was already massively excited about this. I also got to meet a load of new people for the first time which was AMAZING! These events are so important […]

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The requirement: Allow a CE user to update marketing consent and to provide guidance and logic around the process, this app is the basis for the latter. Solution: This could be achieved using a custom webpage, or possibly a Dialog (deprecated soon), but the latest recommended approach is to use a canvas app embedded within […]

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This app is based on the classic “Matching Pairs” game, it is aimed at children to engage them with technology. The game level is incredibly easy but it would be relatively simple to increase the difficulty by not showing the colours/images. This is also a great app to learn variables from.

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The other day I was getting this weird little error when building a canvas app. Basically, all of my CDS Optionsets just randomly stopped working. I hadn’t actually realised that I had left the “Experimental Connector” setting on while testing out the lookups. I think there must have been some sort of update. Pop into […]

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One item I have seen overlooked in PowerApps is the functionality around the “App Checker” ….”But William I use the App checker”…. I do not mean the formula app checker I am referring the “Accessibility” checker shown in the image below:   It is prodigiously important when creating apps, well anything actually, that it is […]

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When working with a canvas PowerApp that integrates into Dynamics 365, you occasionally need the current users’ Dynamics user GUID. This could be used to populate lookup references on the various records within Dynamics. The user details provided by the User function within a Canvas app relates to the Office 365 user account of the logged in […]

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As mentioned in the previous post, with all those thoughts from “Hit Refresh” fresh in my mind, I just fully immersed myself into the event for the next two days. The keynote speeches, the HoloLens demo, Virtual reality demo, classroom sessions on various topics ranging from AI, Quantum computing to Augmented reality, PowerApps etc. were […]

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What a timing I must say, I just finished reading “Hit Refresh” by Satya Nadella and within a few days I received registration confirmation from Microsoft that I can attend the “Microsoft Future Decoded 2018” event. I was very much excited to attend the event as that was my chance to experience what I just […]

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Pancake & Milkshake – The rules are simple:  The kitty gets the milkshake…the bunny gets the pancake! Here you can download the PowerApps solution I create in this video, where I use PowerApps to create a game inspired by the Wreck It Ralph 2 trailer. (check it out, it’s hilarious) Fortunately, someone already created the […]

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Updated last: 25/10/2018 This is a live blog post that will be updated with changes that are applied to the application – I’ll also update it with input from the community too.  Right, I thought it’d be best to write a quick post on this topic as it is a question I receive quite regularly which […]

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