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I’ve put a bit of love into this vid – how to add a powerapp widget onto your iPhone. Not sure about Android. source TDG/Data Spinners Subscribe to Rory’s channel

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This is a carry on from How to create resource in azure: Cognitive Services & PowerApps Part one. So now we have the “Text Analytics” resource setup let’s create the CanvasApp PowerApp, head over to and select apps- then import package, import the Text Analytics Canvas app from our TDG PowerPlatform Bank by clicking […]

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So you’ve seen all this discussion around Cognitive Services and now want a piece for yourself – you open your computer, you down a coffee and now you’re thinking “what now”? Well don’t worry, I’ve got you! Let’s start with Text Analytics, crack open Azure ( and select “Create a resource”: Then in the search […]

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Slightly peculiar example of how to get dropdowns to communicate with each other. Can be useful if you have a gallery that needs to be filtered from more than 1 source. There are plenty of other ways of going about the latter, so this is just one of them source TDG/Data Spinners Subscribe to Rory’s […]

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This video showcases a Mental Health PowerApp I built for Microsoft, that use the PowerPlatform (Canvas App and Flow) and Cognitive Services, built with a rich UI and UX. Views: 4, Likes: 0 Go to William’s channel

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If you have ever used a portal for Dynamics 365 you will have noticed that the navigation along the top has a little house to indicate the home page link. If you edit the navigation you will see that the Image URL field contains .fa.fa-home. Ever wondered what that is? It’s using something called Font […]

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Scan Barcode could turn out to be one of the most useful features that PowerApps have introduced. In this session we’ll take a look at the basics of how to get it working plus what it feels like to make use of it. source TDG/Data Spinners Subscribe to Rory’s channel

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Enhance UI and UX for the mental health app Views: 11, Likes: 2 Go to William’s channel

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Whats up friends?! In today’s video we are covering the Microsoft Teams Connector in Microsoft Flow! We cover the actions, the triggers and we do some demos to show you how you can best use this connector to your advantage! To learn more about Flow head to To follow me on Twitter head to […]

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“Treat Everyone Equally” & “I get to change peoples lives” – Vannessa Raath (Expert Recruitment) explains that you need to start a “Online Career Brand” and getting out there. Need help with your resume / CV this is a must listen!!! Van helps you… Van sends love to Chris Huntingford and Kyle Hill From teacher […]

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