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Style your Canvas Apps! The Canvas App Styler includes a text styler, border styler and a horizontal and vertical spacer. The text styler allows you to explore all possible options for font formatting. The border styler allows you to experiment with different styles and thickness of borders. You can also experiment with rounded corners on the border. The horizontal and vertical spacers allow you to plan the layout of your app with precision. Simply set how many items you would like in a row or column, how much white space between items and the alignment and the spacer will figure out the rest. Take your Canvas Apps to the next level and make them beautiful with the Canvas App Styler.

Full story at my blog here

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2 thoughts on “Canvas App Styler
  • Cool app and idea. Thanks for sharing. Did you include the app in other apps to use the design as a reference?

    • Hi Joergen,
      Kinda sorta! Once the client picks a theme I will put it on a hidden screen in the app. I’ve been experimenting with connecting this app up with a CDS table and allowing users to create and edit their own themes which can then be called by other apps though. So you have an app to do xyz and then an app that would style how your other apps look.
      Sorry for the lengthy delay!

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