Hack4Good MBAS 2020 Team Silversands

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Hack4Good MBAS 2020 Team Silversands


During lockdown, many kids are struggling coming to terms with their new reality. They can’t see their friends, they can’t go to school, and they don’t know how long this will go on for. Many feel helpless, and as though they wish there was something they could do to help the situation; this solution is designed to help provide them with a sense of agency, a sense of connection, and tangible feedback that even though they are not politicians, or nurses, or adults, they can still make a big difference.

Concept: Kids Making a Difference

Kids can register and sign up to make home-made helpful crafts like face masks for their local community. The equipment they make can then be requested by care homes/hospitals/doctor’s surgeries in the area that are hoping to provide this equipment to their residents.

Solution Plan:

Kids (with their parents’ permission) and Care Homes/keyworkers can sign up to the program via a Power Apps Portal. This then gives the kids access to a Canvas Power App which provides kid-friendly step-by-step tutorials on how to make different home-made protective equipment. Via the app they can take photographs of their finished products and submit these to be distributed out. They can also write a letter to the eventual recipient (converted into a printable PDF via Power Automate), and indicate whether they would like correspondence in return. Providing equipment is important, but also many people in care homes/hospitals are also feeling the strain of loneliness, just like the kids taking part, and having that connection of a letter written to you by the person who took the time to make you a face mask, and in return receiving a letter written to you by the person who is grateful for your face mask, can help bring a spark of joy.

Of course, safeguarding is a HUGELY important issue with this solution, and we will be curate the letters sent via Azure Cognitive Service’s sentiment analysis etc. to keep both vulnerable parties safe. Also all pictures taken by the kids of their face masks are checked by a model built in AI Builder to ensure that there are no people in the images to protect the kids’ identities.


In addition to providing tutorials, the Canvas App is can be place where kids can voice their questions about the crisis. From many of our team members’ children, we have seen that the crisis is affecting them in different ways, and in many cases they are struggling to understand it. The app houses a Power Virtual Agent designed to answer the kids’ questions in a child-friendly manner, keeping them informed but supported, and motivated to continue helping during this time.


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