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Teachers read me:

We have an army of skilled, brilliant and genius professionals that make up our glorious community. One thing they love to build is advanced applications – we have ran recently a competition to build the best game. We now wish to help out you, the teachers, with apps that will improve the class room whether that be through; monitoring certain aspects of your class, tracking progress of your students or even building a learning aid for them!

If this sounds like a great opportunity to have something built for you, for FREE, then please complete the next stage which is title “Next steps for Teachers”.

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We are incredibly pleased to announce the first ever global PowerPlatform Competition focused on helping those that we need most, TEACHERS!

Now you are, possibly, thinking, what on earth is a PowerPlatform – I understand the “Power” part I know what a “Platform” is but the two together – not so sure! The Powerplatform will be able to provide you with application and technology solutions to meet issues you may have in your classroom whether it be classroom administration or teaching tools!

What are the requirements:

To enter this competition you must be able to comply with the requirements below:

  1. You must have pre-existing access to PowerApps. If your school uses Office365 this is highly-likely,  please test this by clicking the link (www.web.powerapps.com) and logging in with your school login, you should be greeted by a screen similar to the one below:
  2. Have a classroom based issue that you would like an application based resolution for.
  3. Be happy to work with one of our professional contendants to build the app
  4. Be an all round awesome person!
  5. Please note that the app that has been built will be provided free of charge by the contestant but this will not include any kind of support. Support is down to the participant if they wish to assist.

Register your idea for an application below and we will get back to you if your idea has been successful!